1. Open gym, when no classes are happening. This is already taking place in the mornings M-F from 9am – 10:50am and Saturday mornings at 7-7:50am. Then again in the afternoons M-F from 3-3:50. We have a handful of members that are taking advantage of these times. Please feel free to join in.
  2. Open gym while classes are in session. This will start on July 6th, but for it to be successful, we need EVERYONE to be on the same page following these guidelines:
           a. An athlete wanting to participate in ‘open gym’ must have completed a full class first.
           b. That athlete can stay after their completed class to wait to see if the following class has an open lane. If all lanes are not full, that athlete is welcome to stay and do what they want in their lane. (Remember, only 19 total athletes are allowed per time slot.) Please note that if three friends stay to do open gym together each person must have their own lane. Multiple athletes cannot share a lane. 
            c. If all lanes are full in the class but you want to do open gym, the next option is as follows:
                    i.  Please use the outdoor rig for any gymnastic practice. Also any equipment not used in class except barbells and plates can be used outside as long you clean and return them when finished. (For example: Sandbags, Dumbbells, Kettle Bells…)
                     ii.  The turf area is accessible when Jordan or Sam are not using it for speed and agility or personal training clients. The most accessible time for the turf would be before 9am. Do not assume the turf to be free after 9am.  
            d. Please do not expect our coaches to use half or part of the turf for you to be able to participate in open gym. Remember all athletes are paying to train in our space. No one athlete’s training is more important than another. In community the least is as important as the greatest.
            e. The current class has the priority over all equipment. (For example: if your lane for open gym has a rower and the class is using rowers that day please understand all athletes in class will have priority to the rowers even though that rower is in your lane.)
            f. The coaches’ priority is for the class at hand. Please do not expect a coach to watch you while participating in open gym. If you would like to schedule an appointment with a coach we would love to set you up a time or a punch card for IDF.
  3. Dogs in the Box Policy: We welcome your four-legged friends, but we ask that they be leashed and with you at all times to keep them and all members safe.
  4. Kids at the Box Policy: Kids are welcome at BFIT, but must remain in the Kids Zone while you are working out and during all scheduled classes. For safety reasons, please also note that kids are not allowed to use BFIT equipment or machines unless they are participating in a class. This includes the tires outside – please no climbing on tires, no matter the age.
  5. Parking Lot Policy: Please park in an orderly fashion so we have room for everyone. If you are parking in the first row, please be sure to pull up to the edge of the concrete to maximize space.
  6. Box Cleanliness Policy: Since ours is a shared space, we want to work together to keep the box as clean as possible. A few tips to remember:
    • Please pick up all water bottles and return all weights and equipment to their rightful homes.
    • Please throw away all toilet paper or paper towels ripped off rolls for blowing noses and wiping faces.
    • Please wipe down all equipment when you’re done with it. Clorox wipes will be available throughout the box for this purpose.
    • Please don’t leave large hunks of chalk on the blacktop to be smashed – let’s preserve it for everyone by keeping it in the buckets.
    • Please don’t use chalk to write on the blacktop.
  7. Baseball Area Policy: This area of the box is actually a separate business and we need to respect their space. Therefore, the baseball area is off limits unless you are a baseball client.

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