• Brandon Beck

    “I might have been intimidated my first time doing CrossFit, but that intimidation was no match for the welcoming community and the encouragement from the coaches—I was hooked. In fact, I think the community is the best thing about BFIT CrossFit.

    “If you’ve been thinking about trying CrossFit, I encourage you to try it. It’s hard, but after two years of going to BFIT CrossFit, I can tell you that it will make you feel good in the long run!”

  • Jade Chun

    “It was easy to see that CrossFit was going to be quite a challenge when I started here over two years ago, but it was just that challenge that kept me going!

    “The best thing about BFIT CrossFit is that I can achieve my aesthetic goals, while maintaining and gaining strength in a relatively short time in the gym.

    “If you’re looking for a workout home, BFIT CrossFit is great because it is as challenging as you want it to be, and the other members and staff are both kind and accommodating as you pursue your goals.”

  • Kinlee Jones

    “Having Jordan as a coach these past two years has made a huge difference to my performance. He has helped greatly with moving my feet quicker, having a better knee drive as a runner. He’s helped me get faster, have a longer stride and have a better reaction time.

    “I always enjoy going to his class and always come out of it a step better of being an athlete. Jordan is great at explaining how the exercises we do will help us out later on and demonstrating them.

    “Jordan makes things fun, by having another athlete race each other which pushes both of them harder. Jordan is all around a great coach and has improved performances of all his athletes. I have seen great improvement with new comers the past couple months and they’re all doing great thanks to Jordan. He has greatly helped me become a better athlete and very grateful to have an amazing coach and leader like Jordan!”

  • Michael Bratton

  • Bethany Juhl

  • Trevor Myers

  • Ken Keith

  • Morgan Knadler

  • The Skeens

  • Zander Brown