Seminars are designed for the athlete looking to improve their overall performance on a specific movement set.  The goal is to focus in on one movement or block of movements (either gymnastics or Olympic lifting) that are similar in nature and skill level.  Some seminars have skill level requirements. We want to make sure the coach can devote their time to each of the 4-6 athletes in the group. Seminars are broken down into Levels 1, 2 & 3 to help athletes know which seminar to sign up for. Ask a coach if you are unsure which seminar level is right for you.

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Level 1 Gymnastic Seminars

  • Arch + Hollow Positions
  • Ring Rows (false Grip)
  • Kipping
  • Knee raises / TTB / Pull-ups


Level 2 Gymnastic Seminars – Must be Proficient in L1

  • Kipping C2B pull-ups
  • Butterfly Pull-ups
  • BMU


Level 3 Gymnastic Seminars – Must be Proficient in L1

  • Butterfly C2B
  • HSPU / HSW
  • RMU
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Olympic Lifting

Level 1 Olympic Lifting Seminars

  • Power Cleans
  • Push Jerks
  • Power Snatch
  • OHS


Level 2 Olympic Lifting Seminars

  • Squat Cleans
  • Split Jerks
  • Squat Snatch

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