Group Performance Training

November 15, 2021 0 Comments

Sports Performance

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Group Performance Training

Group Performance Training is a sport specific approach to group training. Each program is built specifically around the group’s goals, parents’ goals, and the sports specific skills needed. The product will be an efficient athlete in their sports. Each program is modified to improve their group’s skills and tailored to address their weaknesses.

  • At the beginning the athletes will be taken through a series of assessments based upon their goals/sports that will give us a baseline to help create the group’s program.
  • As the baseline is finalized, our coaches will develop a program to address the athletes’ biggest weaknesses and build on their strengths.
  • Group programs use specific drills: dynamic warm ups, plyometrics (jumping), absolute speed/top speed,  change of direction (acceleration/deceleration), strength (free weights and single leg & arm movements), and injury prevention exercises. These allow the coach to help develop the group into a more efficient athlete based upon their goals.

Groups will continuously be assessed throughout their program to ensure that they are gradually and efficiently progressing during their training. The athlete’s results in these small assessments, gives us data to show improvements and short comings that have become apparent during the training. This allows for us to adapt the athlete to more advanced programs to address the needs of that individual athlete.