About BFIT.

BFIT was created to give adults, students, and kids the opportunity to improve functional movements that are used in their daily lives.

At BFIT, we believe everyone that walks through the door is an athlete and believe they have the ability to be successful at CrossFit and any athletic endeavor they try!

BFIT CrossFit Is for You If:

  • You want to get in shape and not exactly sure what to do.
  • You are not satisfied with the standard gym or are bored with it.
  • Your workout routine hasn't changed since the '90s and you're feeling in a rut.
  • You would like a positive community that supports and affirms your desire to better yourself.

Our Promise

To give the most professional and encouraging staff that is dedicated to you reaching your fitness and life goals! We promise to challenge you and push so you're never bored and always excited to come back!

Ready To Get Started?