Susan Campbell

BFIT4Life testimonial

Surgery for a torn rotator cuff translated to roughly one year of focused work to get back to where I was before my surgery date. That meant keeping my regular routine at the gym and modifying most workouts to a lefthanded dumbbell. At full recovery on my right shoulder, the left shoulder started to ache. Workouts with overhead reps meant it hurt to lift my arm when I left the gym; grabbing anything out the driver’s window of my car was extremely difficult to do without pain; and I started avoiding barbell movements I had just started to regain. With fears of having to repeat the previous year on my other side, I asked Cody to evaluate my status to see if he could help me identify the source of the pain and get me back to full performance in the gym.

Cody not only listened to what I was experiencing, he put me through a series of movements to evaluate what was going on from a full-body perspective. Then, through focused and intentional programming, Cody helped to identify and eliminate my pain, while also helping me improve my form in a variety of movements to prevent future issues. I am now building my overhead max weights once again without pain and can grab anything I need out of my car window with my left arm. It is not a quick fix. Instead, it is a customized approach to making me a better athlete with a solid understanding of how my body needs to move to embrace the challenges presented without compromise. Cody’s work is personalized, and he is meticulous in his coaching methods to ensure the improvements I hope to see are the improvements made.