Jessica Bolger


These photos were taken about four months apart. Most of you know that CrossFit has been my workout of choice for several years now. In the first pic I was working out hard at least 3-4 times a week plus walking, running some, and just living a very active lifestyle in general. I had convinced myself that CrossFit was the problem. It made me bulky and caused me to gain weight.  Enter Samantha Ann Marek…she has taught me so much about food and why food was keeping me from seeing the results I wanted. Almost immediately the puffiness went away and my body started changing. I am officially down 12 pounds and am so happy to FINALLY be doing it the right way. No fad diets, no miracle pills…just paying attention to what I eat.

It feels so good to feel good!! This is definitely not an ad but if you are like me and want to be tricked into counting macros against your will (very sneaky Sam) I highly recommend reaching out for some food guidance. #proteinislife