Interested in Competition?

B-FIT uses four integrated steps to prepare athletes for competition:
Step One: The athlete is trained to compete first with themselves, overcoming mental barriers that can present challenges. This is accomplished by providing in-house opportunities for athletes to assess their progress including:
• The CrossFit Open and Online Qualifiers
• Benchmark Workouts
• Hero WODs
• Strength-based Training
Step Two: Athletes are encouraged to initiate participation in scaled or intermediate competitions in order to become familiar with the competitive setting. Coaches provide guidance in choosing the right types of initial competitive events.
Step Three: As their skills and training progress, athletes are entered into Rx-level competitions.
Step Four: Throughout the competitive training process, B-FIT develops individual plans to address any potential weakness or physical development opportunity. 
To initiate the four-step competitive training process, athletes can connect with a B-FIT coach for an initial assessment.